It was such a treat having these people at my opening!
Frida Kahlo's Studio.




Have you ever been in the middle of a situation where there is so much "noise" around you that it becomes hard to hear your own voice? This painting is about that. Listening to your own voice is very important because if you don't do it you cannot find out what you really want to do. We need to lower the volume of the noises out there in the world in order to listen carefully to our own "radio station". And I am going to practice this idea next year. It terms of my creative life I want to dedicate 2008 to Etsy. That's what I really want to do and I just wanted to share this resolution with you. In 2008 you will see so many new things that I am going to make. I can't wait to start my one-year-long-Etsy-journey! I know that it will be so much fun. The other part of my life will be all for my family. I am so excited about 2008!

About the pictures: This is a large canvas that I made for a solo show in 2005. The materials used: acrylic paint, small black flowers made out of polymer clay and small pieces of paper with printed pictures of ears and text. The text is all about different kinds of noises and it is written in Spanish.

Notice how there are so many birds on the background. The black bird had to step far from the group in order to listen to his own voice.