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Studio (before picture).


This is how my studio is looking today. I started cleaning it up yesterday but it will take me until next week to make it look nice and clean again. I can't wait to show you the AFTER picture.
(Margie the wings for Marie Curie have been printed and laminated... :)

Hello 2008!



In my personal calendar today is January 1st of 2008.
Happy New Year!
I think that if I start 2008 today by January (in the real world) I will have a lot more done. My Mother-in-Law just went back to Chicago so the party is over; we did so many things with her!
2008 will be challenging for me but I am not scared at all, I am excited. It will be intense for Diego. He will start a series of new therapies plus I am going to sign in for some especial Mommy and me classes with him. Then there is Natalie who needs a lot of my attention. I promised to make her many new dresses but her only condition is that they must be pink. I gave up trying to introduce any other color into her spectrum. There is also my stepson who like every teenager needs support and understanding and last but not list there is my husband who needs my love and support. And then there is Etsy, which will be my personal treat and my little paradise. No solo shows or anything like that this year. All I will need in 2008 is my two hands and an alert mind.
I found the perfect picture to start 2008. This is a large painting that I made in 2005 for a show in NY and the name is River. This painting-collage is about making things happen. I know someone who always said: If you need a river but cannot find one around just make your own (that’s more or less the translation) the whole idea is that no matter how hard things might look as long as you really want them to happen somehow you will make them happen.
So my first thing today is: Start cleaning up the studio.
I am more than ready for it! See you later!
Elsita :)

Just Waiting.


This is a sculpture that I made some years ago for another solo show. The title is: Just Waiting. When I was growing up I was so curious about horses, about the real life horses that I grew up with. These ones weren't good-looking at all and they used to carry heavy things around, they were hard workers and they always looked tired. This guy who sold water to my Mom came often with his horse and stayed in front of our house for a few minutes. I saw this horse just waiting patiently until his owner said let's go. I always thought that this horse was a slave and I wanted to free him. It was hard for me to understand why these horses never did anything to escape. In my young mind I couldn't still understand how deep was the whole dynamic of being a slave. Can you believe that at some point in human history it was completely OK to have slaves? And can you believe that even today in some parts of the world there are human beings (and animals) treated like slaves? This piece is about the lack of freedom for being who you are. I think that growing up in Cuba where I didn't feel completely free made me more aware of how precious freedom is.


I am so excited! Right now I am writing from our kitchen table where I can see two big boxes that I got last Friday in the mail (I have to take them up to my studio). They contain paperclay! The material that I will be using for the new little guys (dolls) that I am going to make as soon as I am ready. When we were coming back from the mountains I saw this man driving a very old car; he will be one of my characters. I can still see his face clearly in my mind. I am so sorry to say this but he looked like a lizard, his face and neck and expression. I will make a character named Lizardo in his honor :) I can't wait to meet Lizardo the doll!
This is how I create my little guys; they all come from people that I remember from the past or people that I see out there on the streets. I know that this is super silly but I have so much fun.

The Fires in California.

We wanted to get away from the city today so we drove with the kids and Grandma all the way up to our cabin in the mountains just to find out that the air here is worse than in Los Angeles. This is really bad for you it is hard to breath. So maybe we will go back to the city later. In the city everything looks gray, the air is so dirty. We need a huge rain!!! Mucha agua por favor!!!

Frida Kahlo's Studio.








I made this miniature dollhouse for my daughter because I wanted her to learn about Frida Kahlo. This was such a fun project to make. It took me months to complete it but I am glad that I did it. Natalie loves it and once in a while we play with it on the kitchen table. She likes anything that is tiny just like her Mom. Next year I want to finish another dollhouse for her that I started last year but this one is bigger. 

I built this house out of a kit that I got from called Sugarplum. They have a variety of kits as you will see. The Frida Kahlo studio participated in a contest that the same site has every year and it won an honorable mention :) Yay!!





Have you ever been in the middle of a situation where there is so much "noise" around you that it becomes hard to hear your own voice? This painting is about that. Listening to your own voice is very important because if you don't do it you cannot find out what you really want to do. We need to lower the volume of the noises out there in the world in order to listen carefully to our own "radio station". And I am going to practice this idea next year. It terms of my creative life I want to dedicate 2008 to Etsy. That's what I really want to do and I just wanted to share this resolution with you. In 2008 you will see so many new things that I am going to make. I can't wait to start my one-year-long-Etsy-journey! I know that it will be so much fun. The other part of my life will be all for my family. I am so excited about 2008!

About the pictures: This is a large canvas that I made for a solo show in 2005. The materials used: acrylic paint, small black flowers made out of polymer clay and small pieces of paper with printed pictures of ears and text. The text is all about different kinds of noises and it is written in Spanish.

Notice how there are so many birds on the background. The black bird had to step far from the group in order to listen to his own voice.

It was such a treat having these people at my opening!


This man is sooo wise! He and his wife are amazing Therapists. They gave us Diego's diagnosis and they are helping us a lot with him. He understands so much about people.


On the left you see my Mother-in-Law with her big signature smile and on the right you see my neighbor (check out her gloves). They were the most beautiful ladies of the night. Can you believe that my neighbor is eighty-five years old? She used to be an Assistant for many years and she loves to tell stories about it.


And here the surprise of the night directly from Italy Dante Ferretti. This man is one of the most talented people that I have ever met. I can say that he is a genius, seriously. The MOMA in New York is organizing a retrospective exhibition of his work. He started his career working with Federico Fellini. He also has a great sense of humor.


This is Kasi Lemmons a smart strong woman and a fine Film Director. Some of her works include: Eve's Bayou, Talk to Me and The Caveman's Valentine.


Here you see one of my best friends here in Los Angeles. She is amazing. I have a lot of support from her ragarding Diego. She is even reading books about Autism in order to understand better how she can help us. Her two children are very close to our children and they are adorable. Alisa is an executive/producer for Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald at Dreamworks.


What a beautiful family! Can you believe that she just had another baby a few weeks ago? They came over to say hi and it was beautiful. She is from Argentina and they are amazing people.


She was my stepson's Art Teacher when he was little and she is ADORABLE! She is so funny and positive and fun. We had a great time and she brought many of her friends with her to the opening.