Broken heart.
Fears, mystery?

Things are better now.

We spent this weekend in our cabin in the mountains, away from the city and everything.
Bill and I read a lot about Autism which is great because little by little we are understanding what this disease is. The more I understand Autism the more I understand my little boy and his world. We are rediscovering him.
Diego was happy as always. I am not crying anymore and I feel much stronger. My brother called me from Florida for support. We are very close and now more than ever because very coincidently his son is also Autistic. My brother is one year younger than me but he has always been a natural leader because he is Leo.
Tomorrow I am taking Diego to a place where if he is accepted he will receive special speech therapy etc. twice a week.
I am crossing my fingers. I hope that he gets in. Please wish me good luck!