Do you lie to yourself?

The exercise of patience.


the ability to endure
waiting or delay
without becoming annoyed,
or to persevere calmly
when faced with difficulties

The title of this painting is: The Exercise of Eternal Patience. You can see that the girl is riding a bicycle. At the same time she collects the fruits of her mind and puts them in a bag in order to plant their seeds to obtain more fruits. It is a whole cycle, a way to represent the idea of growing up emotionally. That’s what I was doing when I was in my twenties. But the truth is that we never stop growing up. Everyday you wake up to learn something new about yourself, about the people around you and about everything else.

Imagine that we are riding a bicycle that takes us to new places everyday. That imaginary bicycle is our curiosity and our interest to explore life. Exploration takes energy and time but that’s the only way for us to find our place in life. And the right place is not exactly the physical place where you live; it is a place in your mind where you finally feel happy about who you are. The funny thing is that we are what we are since we are born but for some reason it is hard for us to realize about this. We have the wrong expectations about ourselves, we always want to be something else and that keeps us away from our essence. But all we need is to be PATIENT and keep going because little by little, inch by inch we will be closer and closer to our real home which is: OURSELVES.