The exercise of patience.
Broken heart.



Cut cut cut. Scissors, porcelain, fragile, etc. I made a large series of porcelain scissors in 2001 when I just moved to the USA. I didn't know exactly why I was making them. Today I think that I was feeling fragile because I was changing my whole life. I was moving to a new country, I couldn't communicate well in English, I was leaving behind a life that took me years to build. I was scared, I felt insecure and again I found a way to express through my work. I have learned so much in the last seven years of my life. So many things have happened to me; I remarried, I had a car accident, I had a miscarriage, I had two children, I learned a new language, I learned how to drive... Scissors are a good representation on life. Scissors can cut up things which sounds like destructive but you also need them in order to make other things like the clothes that we cover our bodies with. I think that in life anytime when something is cut off from you, you gain something new.