I want my neighbor in my vintage collection.
Do you lie to yourself?

Lars and the Real Girl

Larsandtherealgirl_200708081650_2This is one of those special movies that you should definitely NOT miss. BELIEVE ME. It hasn't been released yet but I was lucky enough to have access to a screening (the fact that this movie has been produced by the indie company that my husband runs is just a coincidence:) This film is BEAUTIFUL, MOVING, UNIQUE, ORIGINAL, FUNNY, WELL DIRECTED, WELL ACTED. It is one of those movies that stay in your heart forever. I won't tell you the story but you can see the trailer here. I can tell you anyway that the big box in this picture contains Lars' (Ryan Gosling) girlfriend who he got on the internet. I'm in love with Ryan Gosling; he is one of the men in my secret love life (don't worry Billy, you will always be my numero uno) and he is one of the finest young actors alive! Did you see Half Nelson? He was amazing.