The Fish.

Elsa and Asle.


Our dear Becky from Tortillagirl is writing an article about how to find your niche on Etsy. She is asking questions to some Etsy sellers about this idea. Very soon we will be able to read her piece on the Storque.
These photos that I just posted have to do with what I was explaining her yesterday.
I keep a book called Elsa against Asle. Elsa is my name and Asle is my name spelled backwards. So let's say that Asle is the opposite of Elsa. In this book I keep notes, drawings etc about myself.
In order to know ourselves better we need to do something concrete about it and since I am a practical girl I came out with this idea a while ago (and it works great). The idea is basically to get familiar with your two opposite sides. If you get to know better your two opposite sides you will see how many amazing things you will start doing.
My advice is: Don't let any of your two sides take over your life. Make them share 50% and 50% of your space.