Air dress.




And this is something else from the same show that I mentioned in my last post.
It is an installation of hundreds of birds. I made them out of small glass bottles, antique porcelain doll legs, photos printed on transparencies, some resin material (the heads), glass eyes, acrylic paint etc. They all go on top of a narrow and long table. This piece was lucky to be featured in this issue of Artnews magazine. But the most important thing about this piece is why I made it.

The inspiration came from a little hummingbird that I found in my studio. It was dead on the floor. I was so sad, I was then pregnant with my first baby and the little body of this bird made me think about the cicle of being born and then dying or going away etc. I buried the little bird in my backyard with a little note saying something like: Good-bye and I hope that you enjoyed your short life... Then, next day, five weeks before the due date I had my first baby, I became a Mom. She was premature but perfect; the delivery was natural, easy and quick. After that I couldn't stop thinking about the little bird and I knew that I had to make something out of this experience. This was the main idea behind the whole show that I called "Birth”.