Polymer Clay Doll in Progress

Head 1 copy 

Head 2 copy 

Bpody copy 

I'm so excited about creating this doll :)

There is something magic about the process of making a doll.

It reminds me of what I felt anytime I saw pictures of my babies when they were still in my tummy.

Handmade dolls are like babies to me. You patiently make them with love, over a period of time and once "finished", they carry a little bit of yourself in their personalities.


Thank you!! and Little Painting for Leah

Hand and artwork 600 

Thank you, thank you so much my friends for the wonderful comments regarding Amelia and Osvaldo :)

I promise to keep creating special sets like that one, I can't wait!.

But the fun continues in this blog because there is a certain girl in the process of being born.

Her name is Leah and she's a painter.

Today I wanted to show you one of 4 tiny paintings on paper that come with that new doll.

I am also making a little portfolio for the paintings.

Leah is taller and also a little "older" than Amelia

I would say that she's somewhere from 16 to 20 "years old" but in the end you will have your own idea about her "age".

I will be back with more about Leah soon!

Elsita :)