Avita 1 copy 

Avita 2 copy 

Avita 4 copy 

Avita 5 copy 

Avita 6 copy 

Avita is 12" tall. I made her body from fabric, stuffed with polyester stuffing. She has a resin head (cast from my original design) painted with acrylic paint. Paperclay legs and arms, also painted with acrylic paint. Her arms are jointed with silicone elastic so they can move.

Avita's clothes are so sweet! The hoodie and top are very detailed, painted by hand with beautiful gold accents.

Avita is a special doll :)

Avita is available for purchase on my Etsy store.


SOLD OUT (Thank you!)




1 Chiara copy 

2 Chiara copy 

3 Chiara copy

4 Chiara copy 

5 Chiara copy 

6 Chiara copy 

Today I am excited to share Chiara with you. 

She's so cute in person! I am really enjoying her gentle and quiet personality.

Chiara is 16" tall from feet to ears.

My favorite part: the booties!

There are sooo many ways to make a doll!

I am having the best time exploring all those ways :)


Chiara is  available for purchase on my Etsy store.

SOLD OUT (Thank you!)

I wish you a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Elsita :) 


Chie copy 

Chie1 copy 2 

Chie 3 copy 

Chie 4 copy 

Someone very special named Chie inspired this doll :)

Chie used to work @ the place where Natalie went from Monday to Friday when she was little.

The original Chie is from Japan and she taught Natalie to enjoy seaweed and rice.

Up to this day Natalie loves seaweed and rice thanks to Chie.

We all miss her.


Chie the doll 14" tall from feet to ears.

Cloth torso, stuffed with polyester stuffing and ainted with acrylic paint.

Polymer clay legs and arms, painted with acrylic paint. Jointed with silicone elastic. 

Face cast in resin, from my original design.

Faux fur ears.


Chie is available for purchase on my Etsy store :)

 SOLD OUT (Thank you!)