Another tiny advance :)
Thank you!! and Little Painting for Leah

Amelia the Paper Cutter and her Assistant Osvaldo



Today I have the pleasure to introduce a special couple of friends to you:


Amelia and Osvaldo portrait 600 


Amelia and her assistant Osvaldo.


Papercutter 600


Amelia is an artist. She loves to create papercuts with her tiny hands.




Osvaldo is also her best friend. They have known each other since Amelia was a baby.




Here they're opening the portfolio so Amelia can keep working on her latest piece.




A few more cuts and it will be finished :) I can't wait!




Amelia cuts tiny pieces of paper and talks to Osvaldo about so many things! They love to listen to the radio while working.The paper bee comes to life when Amelia is creating and flies all over the place with the bzzz sound full of excitement. What a great time they all have at work!




After so many hours they're all exhausted, Osvaldo decides to relax on the table and the bee takes a break on Amelia's lap.




 And now Osvaldo examines Amelia's work. She can't wait to hear his opinion.




You did a good job Amelia, I like this piece a lot. (Amelia was so happy to hear that :)



Papercut 600


The work is finished and ready to frame. Amelia is already thinking about her next piece :)




Dear Osvaldo, It's so late now!




I'll tell you a bed time story and then we'll go to sleep.




Good Night :)



I hope that you enjoyed Amelia's and Osvaldo's debut today :) 

This piece as a whole materializes an old dream of mine: creating a small and perfect doll world full of positivism, beauty and simplicity. I can't even tell you how much we (myself, Bill and the children) enjoyed the process of seeing this little world come to life step by step. Each object was made with so much love, care and patience. 

I remember Diego's fascination when I created the bear, he couldn't stop trying to steal it from my table. Natalie wanted to make her own version of the two cameo portraits on the walls and I wanted Amelia to sleep on my pillow at night. It's amazing how real things can become when you create them with love, that's the beauty of this new world that I want to keep exploring for a loooong time :)

And below I will try to write as much information about as possible about this piece.


*Size: 7" tall (18 cm)

* Made out of: paperclay

* Painted with acrylic paint. 

* Hair: amazingly beautiful premium quality angora goat mohair. 

*Movable arms and legs jointed with strong Powercord® elastic.

* Completely  hand stitched removable clothes and hat. 

*Tiny cameo brooch made out of polymer clay painted with acrylic paint. And a miniature hand cut silhouette applied on top of it, sealed with clear resin. 

* Glasses made out of brass wire, painted with enamel paint and coated with clear resin.


* Measures: 3" tall (about 7.5 cm)

* Entirely hand sewn, made out of wool felt and stuffed with polyester stuffing

* Movable arms and legs, jointed with strong Powercord® elastic and buttons.

* Vintage lace collar

Tiny Artworks:

  * Two cameo paper portraits on the walls: Set on these bezels.  They are both OOAK, made out of acid-free paper and acid-free glue. Each one measures: 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" (about 4.5 x 4 cm)

*Paper bee: One of a kind as well, made out of 100% ivory cotton paper and acid-free glue. It measures about 2" on the longest side (about 5cm)

* Amelia's papercut: one of a kind too made out of 100% ivory cotton paper. It measures: 2 1/4" x 1 1/2"

The Other Accessories:  

 * Portfolio: made out of acid-free paper and a string as a handle.

* Pink trunk: made out of strong cardboard painted with acrylic paint and decorated by hand with tiny ink drawings. There is a tiny pink velvet cushion glued on the bottom of it. The trunk is the bee's home.

*The two little rugs: made out of velvet.

* Table: Made out of strong cardboard, painted and decorated by hand with acrylic paint, protected with matte varnish.

* Pencils, X-Acto knife, eraser and cup: made out of polymer clay panted with acrylic paint. The blade of the X-Acto knife was made out of different layers of aluminum foil glued together.

* Little home/studio: It's all one piece made out of cardboard painted with acrylic paint and decorated with miniature wall paper and lace. The floor is real wood veneer. The wall as well as the floor panel measure about 7" x 7" each


I designed this piece as a set and my wish is for it to find a caring home that will treasure it for many years to come. Amelia, Osvaldo and their accessories have been already listed on my Etsy shop.

Thank you!

Elsita :)



Casita 600 

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