Amelia the Paper Cutter and her Assistant Osvaldo
Portfolio for Leah :)

Thank you!! and Little Painting for Leah

Hand and artwork 600 

Thank you, thank you so much my friends for the wonderful comments regarding Amelia and Osvaldo :)

I promise to keep creating special sets like that one, I can't wait!.

But the fun continues in this blog because there is a certain girl in the process of being born.

Her name is Leah and she's a painter.

Today I wanted to show you one of 4 tiny paintings on paper that come with that new doll.

I am also making a little portfolio for the paintings.

Leah is taller and also a little "older" than Amelia

I would say that she's somewhere from 16 to 20 "years old" but in the end you will have your own idea about her "age".

I will be back with more about Leah soon!

Elsita :)