Girls Feed

Before and After.

Teatro sin character final SMALL


Girl Bird SMALL


This is one of my numerous projects this year. There will be 4 pieces in total. In the "after" version you can see how I decided to play a little bit by adding some painted elements to the paper. The original idea was to paint the face of the bird/girl only. But then she "asked" me to please paint some more around her so I did it. Notice how she decided to slightly smile in the second version. It was her way to say: Thanks :) 



Good Morning Birdie

  Good Morning 1..

Good Morning copy 

Good morning copy 

Here is a sweet girl greeting her tiny bird in the morning.

The first picture looks flat because it is a scan, but the way the piece looks in person is like in the last 2 pictures.

The paper was embossed from the back with my wooden tools to achieve that nice volume. 

I love the tiny vignette underneath the girl, that's a detail that I would love to use in other pieces as well.

I carefully glued this papercut on a 8.5" x 11" beautiful acid-free blue paper and it's ready to frame.

The upper piece measures 4" x 5 1/4" (10.3 cm x 12.5cm) 

And little vignette is about 3.5" wide a half inch tall.

This papercut is avalable for purchase on my Etsy store.

SOLD OUT  Thank you!


Cycle of the Tree

And here is another finished piece for my Sept. show.

The Cycle of the Tree

Detail 1 copy

Detail 2 copy

Detail 3 copy

Detail 4 copy

I still have some more pieces to share with you. I am working hard to finish everything for the show as planned :) Yay!!

Mary Had a Little Lamb, la la la :)

Mary and her Lamb copy

The nursery rhyme was first published as an original poem by Sarah Josepha Hale on May 241830, and was inspired by an actual incident.

Mary (detail) copy 

As a girl, Mary Sawyer (later Mrs. Mary Tyler) kept a pet lamb, which she took to school one day at the suggestion of her brother...

You can read the whole story HERE.

Isn't it amazing how such a simple story became a song and how such a simple song became so famous? 

I just had to create my own version or Mary and her little lamb in a papercut. I had the most fun creating the little lamb. Should we find a name for it? I think that the little lamb deserves a good name :) This original piece, the same one that you see in the picture, is available now on my Etsy store. I promise to make new versions soon! I have also listed the black and white print of it in the 4"x6" format.

La la la la..

Have a great day my friend!

Elsita :)

Brain and Heart.

This is one of the last papercuts that I made in 2008 and it turns around a theme that I revisit over and over:


The balance between brain and heart.


I think that most of us are looking for that balance all the time.

1 detail

But in the end that ideal place is hard to reach.

3 detail 

Because human nature tends to go to the extremes.

2 detail

I think that what really matters in the end is the constant intention to find the center and not the center itself. It is the exercise of thinking and feeling what keeps us going. Let's leave our heart and brain have their own particular dynamic because together they are good at keeping us motivated and alive. 

All these thoughts came from talking with my Mom, she is finally here from Florida giving me a hand. I am so happy to have her around, she always brings that sense of comfort that every daughter/son needs once in a while. 

I wish you a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Elsita :)