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December 2010

The Hand.

Hand 600

6 Hand (detail) 600

6 Hand 2(detail) 600

I can't wait to create new paper pieces in 2011!

All of my visions are coming out  in tree dimensions so far, just like the piece above.

I made that hand with the idea of capturing light in a mysterious way.

Light and paper can't be separated in this kind of work, they need each other.

I love the simplicity of the resources here, just white paper and light.

The final effect looks sophisticated but it's just a visual trick.

Think about water and light, nothing is more beautiful than the marriage between two

simple but powerful elements.

My love for paper doesn't end, it just grows bigger and bigger...



Inspiring Paper Tree :)


Bea Valdes, a talented artist based in the Philippines ( ) was asked to create a Christmas tree that will be auctioned off for charity. The benefits from the action will go to the rehabilitation of the Philippine Pasig River. Bea wrote me an e-mail saying that my work  had inspired her to create a paper tree for the project. All the materials used are recycled. Thanks a lot Bea for doing something so special. Seeing this video has inspired me as well. Congratulations to you and to the rest of the wonderful people involved in this project!
Elsita :)






If you're here in Los Angeles, CA this Saturday (Dec. 4, 2010) and don't have any plans, then I invite you

to stop over at Couturier Gallery  located on La Brea and Beverly.

Please come to say hi and see the art of 20 artists, including myself.

I hope that I can see you on Saturday!

Elsita :)