A Tiny Home :)
Exhausted Bird Carrying Multiple Hearts.

Some Silhouettes in Black :)

And today I am back with 6 new papercuts, this time in black :)

1b copy

1c copy 

2b copy 

2c copy 

3b copy 

3c copy 

4b copy 

4c copy 

5b copy 

5c copy 

6b copy 

6c copy 

I cut these silhouettes with scissors and then I made the internal cuts in some of them with my X-Acto knife, to be X-Act :) Cutting with scissors is GREAT! But running with them is dangerous :o I had to chase Diego because he decided to run with my scissors. 

These pieces are bigger than the ones from my previous post and they are ready to frame in a 7x5" photo frame. That size of frame is also available everywhere. I already listed these papercuts my Etsy store.! Yay!!!

Now I would like to show you the little scissors that I used for cutting these pieces. Her name is Rosada. She is a very sharp girl and she will bite you if don't treat her well!

Pinky copy 

Rosada comes from the Honey Bee Scissors family. You can find some of her relatives onlineand they come in different colors. This is my favorite kind of scissors in the whole world!! I highly recommend them to you. I have a whole school of these creatures in my studio and also in my house because they are amazing for cutting anything. 

And now is when I say: Have a great Tuesday my friend!!!

And see you tomorrow again!

Elsita :)