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October 2008

Inner Thread.

Intuition: "ability to sense or know immediately without reasoning" (Wikipedia)


Understanding without apparent effort, quick and ready insight seemingly independent of previous experiences or empirical knowledge. (Wikipedia)


We know what intuition is because we experience it often. My intuition has become sharper since I became a mother. I can feel my children's needs deep inside me, it is like an invisible thread that keeps  me connected to them.


 One day when I was a little girl my Mom woke me up at night screaming, I didn't understand why. She kept saying: let's go upstairs to see your sister, something has happened to her, I just know! I just know!


I ran upstairs with my Mom to the small room where my sister was living at the time. When we opened the door we saw my sister on the floor, unconscious. Once again she had tried to take her life.


Those who deal with a case of Schizophrenia in the family know how devastating something like this is. The fact that my sister needed our protection all the time developed that 6th sense in each member of our family but specially in my Mom. My Mom's connection with my sister has always been extremely strong and her intuition saved my sister's life that night .


The paper piece in the photos was inspired by that magic thread that keeps us connected to the people that we love the most and I want to dedicate it to my sister Ileana who has been fighting a hard battle with Schizophrenia since she was very young. The human mind is a complex, mysterious and intricate place and those of us who don't have to fight a unfair mental illness should never take it from granted. The most precious thing that we have is our mind. Lots of love to you my friend and have a wonderful weekend! Elsita :)


You are now in papercutland, a place entirely dedicated to the world of papercutting, papercuts, Scherenschnitte and everything related to this fascinating craft. Now I invite you to unbuckle your sit belt and feel free to explore my little paper planet where you will see many of my new creations, made with lots of love and lots of #11 X-Acto blades :) 

Here I will keep you updated on the new papercut pieces that I am creating, but I also decided to create this blog within my main blog in order to gather as much information as possible about this craft. I would love this space to grow little by little as much as I would love the therapeutic power of papercutting to reach you. I know that if you try this amazing art form you will feel that you have entered a magic world. 

 Notice how I have listed all kinds of links on the sidebars of this blog for you to get familiar with this wonderful craft. These links include: *A list of papercut artists *Tutorials *Videos *Articles *Supplies *Wikipedia definitions *Organizations *Interesting *Etsy stores *Papercut books If you can hold a pair of scissors or a knife in your hand then you should give papercutting a try. The process of creating a papercut piece is a wonderful way to practice and master the art of patience. 

You know how sometimes we just want things to get done immediately, instantly, and we get frustrated with the very idea of having to wait for things to happen but the reality is that in life everything happens gradually. I can tell you that by cutting out the many little pieces of paper in an intricate design I get to challenge myself to be patient and to keep going one cut at a time until the work is finished. 

This process is something that I bring to my daily life. With all the demands from my family and work I have learned that I just need to be patient and do one thing at a time. Finishing a new papercut is such a rewarding experience, as rewarding as seeing my children grow and have progress everyday. Papercutting has found a very special corner in my heart and through this blog I am going to share my love for this wonderful and healing art form with you. 

I am looking forward to all our paper adventures, I invite you to join me in this journey. Thank you so much for being here right now! 

Elsita :)