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Happy Holidays from the Horbergs!

Natalie's Wish List for Christmas .

Natalie's christmas list 2011


I sneaked into my studio for a second to scan this letter. I really wanted to share it with you :) We're going to "mail" it to Santa Claus in a few minutes. Natalie still believes that Santa is real. I sent this letter to Bill at work so he can try to get these presents for her. We already have many special ones but I know that she will be excited if she gets what she wants. Natalie is 100% into reading right now, she's reading more complex books and we're supporting her choices. That makes me so extremely happy. Reading develops an interior world in kids that later on helps them look at life with wiser eyes. And a red dress in childhood is something that every girl will remember years later when she's an adult :)

Happy Holidays!

Elsita :)