Sunny Embroidery by Sunny :)
Little Paper Fox :)

Needle Punch Embroidered Fox Necklace.

Drawing  copy 2

Fox run copy

Fox collar copy small

Since Ana Sender shared a link on this blog to a great piece that she embroidered in the technique of Punch Needle I have been fascinated by this new (to me) way to embroider. Thanks a lot for the link Ana!

After discovering this technique I immediately did my homework; I got the tools, I taught myself how to do it and here you see my first creation: a mischievous fox running as fast as he can :) The foxy measures about 6" from side to side. It would look beautiful with a black turtleneck sweater in the winter.

Needle Punch is great for jewelry. It's basically like making a rug but in miniature. I can't wait to use needle punch also in my embroidery artworks combined with other embroidery stitches. It will be a lot of fun!

Linda Repasky has a nice web-site where you can learn the basics of needle punch. She also sells the materials and tools needed for this technique in miniature. If you want to buy a single book to learn what you need to know about needle punch all you need is this one writen by Linda Repasky as well. There is also this web-site with an extensive list of needle punch supplies.

This fox will be running around over here on my Etsy shop until he finds his soulmate. (foxy already found his soulmate :)

Have a great Thursday!

Elsita :)