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Bird Necklace.

Pendant bird copy

Pendant bird detail copy

Bird body copy

Detail head bird copy

Bird necklace small

Here is an embroidery bird necklace that I finished recently. This birdie is something special that I had in mind since I started my embroidery explorations. I wanted to make a detailed bird necklace with some gold accents, tiny beads and little stitches. As you can see the body of the bird is also a hand, which is holding a tiny yellow bird.  

The big bird represents the idea of freedom, the hand represents what it takes to make our dreams come true and the tiny bird represents those special dreams that keep our inspiration alive.

This piece opens a new little door for new necklaces. I hope that I can find enough time to materialize those embroidered jewelry ideas that are popping up in my mind all the time :)

This necklace is already available on my Etsy Shop. (Sold out)

Have a great day!