Cabeza de Ave (Head of Bird)

Reaching our full potential.

Human Performance Levels copy

Each one of us has the potential to do great things in every area of our lives. But what keeps us from reaching our full potential sometimes? Some possible answers are: distractions, lack of focus, lack of direction, lack of mental clarity, laziness and most of all, loss of control over ourselves. In other words, we give up the power of making optimal use of that amazing organ called brain.

First, we need a leader: Ourselves. Nodody else can build our own life. If feels wonderful when we become the leader of our own existence. This means being in charge, taking full responsibility for our actions. Then, we need to define what is our main mission in life. What do we want? Defining this clearly, in writing, makes a huge difference. That becomes our map, our mission statement. Then we need a list of concrete actions. And then we need to follow through.

Perfection is not possible, it's not even human, so mistakes will happen. But we can always learn from them. The most important thing in my opinion is to be alert, to see ourselves from the outside in order to evaluate how we're doing so we can decide how we can do better. Time is going to pass by fast, it's very easy to let ourselves go in the wrong direction. That's why we need our brain to be our best friend. Our brain will make sure that we don't get lost, but for that to happen wee need to be in touch with it every single day.

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