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Good News!!!!

Please don't be Afraid

Sometimes people are afraid of building something that they deeply want to build. I am thinking about someone that I recently met. This person has a great potential to be really successful at what he does. But something is missing, something is keeping him from just going ahead and doing what he knows that he could do. I wish that I could enter his mind for a minute so I could talk to his subconscience. Many times it's just that a mysterious part of our mind is tricking us and making us believe that we cannot do this or that.

If we really get to understand that tomorrow is just a concept (not more maybe-one-day-I will-do-it) we would be more aware about how real today is. Today is the day when we should start working on making our dreams come true. It all starts by saying: what the heck! I CAN DO THIS, I am going to do it, nobody is going to stop me, specially myself. And then you should take a seat and write down a plan, keep it personal, you don't even have to share it with anybody. Make it your wonderful secret plan.

2011 is almost there, this is a wonderful time for planning concrete actions. I am already doing my list and I feel like I'm in fire. It's just so exciting when you have a plan. I just wanted to share these ideas with you today. I don't have anybody to talk with right now because Bill is in a meeting so I felt that I should communicate this idea to you in case you need a push (just like the person that I mentioned before).

See you later!

Elsita :)