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You are your own home 

 I started thinking about the idea written on this drawing many years ago and the older I get the more I like it. I clearly remember the time when I didn't have a decent home to live in. It was 1989 and I had moved to a new province (in Cuba)  with my then boyfriend. The two of us were living in something that you could call a room, but not too long before we moved in there, the place was literally a pig's home (a four-legged pig with a curly tail and everything).

I cleaned up the place the best I could, with lots of water, but the stubborn pig perfume refused to go away. That was the time when I started developing this idea in my mind: YOU ARE YOUR OWN HOME. It was my way to scape a miserable situation and It worked out great. I spent my nights drawing in that tiny space and dreaming while my boyfriend was away working in a different town. I remember that I started creating some "cute" skull pendants made out of plaster painted with tiny beautiful flowers and birdies. I sold them to my friends at school, specially to the ballet students, they were a big hit and the little money helped me survive. 

After all those years I am back revisiting that time in my life because I feel really sad about some friends that are loosing their houses here in the USA. I really know how it feels when you don't have the security that a home gives you. But I also know that the most important home that we have is ourselves. That's the home that we cannot afford to lose.

I think that the world is what we see, what we feel and what we believe in. Reality is something that we design ourselves, regardless of how the material part of our life is. I know people that have everything and are not happy, that tells you that the material side of life doesn't define you or how happy you are. Reality is something deeper, something personal. And at the same time it is the most universal thing.

On the other hand, developing our inner world is not about isolation but the opposite. It's about opening ourselves up to what's out there: people, nature, new experiences... The more open we are to exploring and learning, the more our own world/home will expand, providing us with a huge space where we will be able to move freely. It's important not to isolate ourselves in the middle of crisis. 

Building a strong inner world one brick at a time is in my opinion the most important way for us to overcome any obstacle. 

I wish everyone who's struggling right now lots of strength!

(Things will get better)

Elsita :)