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My Very Special Mug :)

My Red Ridding Hood Cup

Yay! I am so excited about this mug! It looks small but it's pretty large. I painted it myself in a wonderful place up in the mountains where you can paint your own ceramic. I love that place! You paint your piece, leave it there over night for the firing process and then pick it up next day.


This was the first piece that I painted but then I went back with Natalie and painted a second one: a colorful soap dish. Natalie painted a snowman the first time and a small dish the second time, both of them stayed in our cabin for decoration, but I decided to bring mine to LA.

I will be blogging about the soap dish as soon as I take photos of it. I wish that I could do this kind of work often. I dream about having my own ceramic kiln one day. Yay!!

Elsita :)