Welcome Home Mister Volkswagen Jetta Mora Horberg!
Letter to Natalie (for her to read when she turns 18)

Sweet Little Amigos :)

Hola my friend!

Today I am sooo excited to introduce some new amiguitos to you!

I made them with lots of love. Each one is one of a kind and there are two things that make them special.

Character with book copy

1* I drew each character directly on the fabric using permanent ink, that makes them some sort of 3-D drawings :)

1 copy

2*And also each one comes with a little book made by myself where we can create the character's story with drawings and/or words.

2 copy

The inspiration for these new characters came from Natalie. I am always looking for ways to stimulate her imagination and this is a great way to do it.

3 copy

I can't wait to make more as soon as I have time. Once you make one there is a whole school of them showing up in your imagination. 

Right now I only have these 4 to share with you but I promise to make new ones soon. Yay!! I will list them later today on my Etsy store.

The dollies are already listed on my Etsy store!

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita :)

On The Hidden Seed today: Botanical Girl :)