Message from Elsita :) And a very tiny giveaway!
Little Things that Make us Smile :)

Do you know who has a new blog?

Today I want to share something so exciting with you and that is: My hubby has his own blog now! Yay!!!! It took me over a year to convince him to start a blog, I never thought that it was going to happen since he is so extremely busy everyday but a miracle has happened and now you can visit and enjoy one of the most special blogs out there.


We designed the banner together and it represents all the things that are connected to Bill's life: family, movies, books, traveling, Cuba, Chicago, fantasy, music, Autism, creativity, past, present...

Bill is not only a wonderful human being (this shows through all the posts that he has already written) but he is also some kind of living encyclopedia, he knows so much about so many different subjects, I learn more from him than from any other source. I thought that by opening a blog he could share all his stories with us and at the same time it would be a great way for our children to enjoy his father's writing in the future.

A blog is definitely something positive in anybody's life if we use it in a constructive and positive way. It is a space where you can express yourself and become more aware of your own interests and passions. Through a blog we can develop ourselves and grow in unexpected ways. Bill is a Film Producer and this means that he is basically a creative person. Producing movies is a whole complex career that requires for you to understand so many things; from music to history, politics, economy, cultures... movies capture all areas of life and the more areas of interest you have the better movies you will make.

When Bill is not producing a movie directly he is developing a new project and whenever he has a little free time he does something creative like making a comic book with his own stories and drawings, playing the flute or the piano, taking great photographs and most important: observing. He is like a sponge that captures everything around him. His personality is quiet and you may even think that his mind is somewhere else but he is really very present listening to you and noticing everything around you. He is also a great story teller and a wonderful writer as you will see. And also let me tell you that he has a great sense of humor and whenever he is around my face looks like this :) or mostly like this :D

At this point of this post I want to say that if you are still there :0 I would like to invite you to stop by Bill's blog and say hi to him. Let's welcome Billy to blogland and let's enjoy his internet presence! I already signed up as his fan number one as you can imagine :)

See you there!
Elsita :)