Vintage Inspiration :)
Wearable original little art.

Vintage Resurrection :)

The other day I turned out to be the winner (hold down one second please: YAY!!!!!!!) of a wonderful giveaway from my dear friend Margie who has such a special collection of everything vintage. Down here you can see some of the treasures that were included in my prize! These are pieces of vintage fabrics and trims, I love them sooo much!


In the pictures below you can see something simple that I created using Photoshop with some of the pictures of the fabrics. The uses that we can give to pretty vintage fabrics are infinite. Sewing small toys and other things for the home is one of them (which I am planning to do with these beautiful fabrics) but you can also scan the fabrics to your computer, print them on paper and use them for collages etc. If you are familiar with Photoshop then you can use this program for creating illustrations etc.




If you are not familiar with Photoshop but have dreamed to learn how to use it then I HAVE GREAT NEWS for you!! I just found an amazing set of video tutorials that teach you the basics of Photoshop. In order to do wonders with photoshop all you need to know is the basics and then with a little bit of exploration you will discover all the possibilities. You can buy this treasure online (here is the link) and it is worth every cent, I payed $97 for the set, it is not super cheap but again it is worth every nickel. I am recommending this to you with total confidence because it has saved my life regarding how to use Photoshop and because I wish that someone had recommended this to me like 10 year ago, it would have saved me soooo much time. (You buy the access to the tutorials which you can watch online or download to your computer, it is not a CD but it is 100% safe). Also I really enjoy the way David Peters sells this product, he must be an interesting person :)

Have a wonderful weekend my friend!
And see you on Monday with the winner of our last giveaway!
Elsita :)