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Missing Garden.






This is the featured piece of the show and the title is Specimens. Here you see one hundred species of butterflies and each one represents a remarkable person. These human beings couldn’t be more different from each other (you might not like some of them) but somehow each one of them have left a mark in the world and they all had one thing in common; they were all women.

With this installation I wanted to represent one hundred ways of being a woman. There is something revealing about putting all of these women together. Suddenly you realize that you are part of them. As a woman you are part of something much bigger than the limits of your body and your mind.

Ever since I was little I noticed how most of the times life was harder for women. We are still a work in progress. For years and years we have been redefining our roll in society and life in general. If you take a quick look at the history of our gender you will see that it took many brave women to get where we are now. And it will still take many brave women to get where we still have to get.
This show in general is about being a woman and want to dedicate it to my Grandma Julia who I never met. She was only fourty-two when she died and for years she was a victime of poverty and violence.

Here you have a list of the one hundred women: