Who is She?

New Little Guys.

These are my new little guys.
Elsa: I don't know how I will finish my show if I keep making these little dudes.
Asle: That's OK, just make them and forget about your show!
Elsa: Are you kitting me? You are out of your mind!
Asle: Si!!! You know that I am :)
Elsa: I better go back to my show, I have to finish it between now and next week!

Note from Elsita: Do you see how these little guys are lined-up? That's Diego's favorite thing in the whole world. And it is a very typical thing in Autism. He likes to line-up objects. I am trying to enter his own game by breaking the order of what he does and after so much trial it is working!!!! In the beginning he got so mad at me. It was painful for him and he cried so hard. But now I know how to do it in a way that he enjoys. This is how I break the wall that Autism creates around him. It is so amazing to see him responding!!! It is all about being patient; I am very exited about this! Come on Diego! Playing with Mom can also be fun!