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Mandarina 1 copy 

Mandarina 2 copy 

Mandarina 4 copy 

Mandarina 5 copy

Today I just wanted to share my little Mandarina with you :)

This doll is one of those things that I make and then I can't part with.

I just love her so much!

Mandarina makes me happy any time I look at her face.

Dorita :)

Doll3 copy

Doll 4 copy

Doll1 copy

Doll back copy

Doll 5 copy

Doll and hand copy

 Dorita is adorable!

The main reason why I made her is because I really wanted to make a doll with a big hair.

Dorita's hair is made out of this yarn that I got in Florida the last time that I visited my family over there.

That yarn is so soft and the color is so pretty :)

I also made Dorita a tiny purse for carrying her miniature book.

Everything looks so cute in person!

I'm very happy with the final result.

Dorita is already listed on my Etsu shop

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita :)