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Vivian desktop copy

Vinian hand copy 2 

Vivian 1 copy 2 

Vivian 2 copy 

Vivian 3 

Vivian copy

Oh Vivian! The romantic Vivian with her head always in the clouds :)

She's always daydreaming.

Vivian is about 4" tall from feet to head and I made her out of paperclay painted with acrylic paint.

She's wearing her sweet bonnet, a velvet skirt and a crocheted top.

Her facial expression is adorable and her eyes are full of curiosity.



This tiny girl is available for purchase on my Etsy shop.



Alina hand 600 

Alina 1 copy 

Alina 2 copy 

Alina 3 copy 

Alina 4 copy 

Alina 5 copy 

Here is another  sweet dolly and her name is: Alina. 

Alina is 4 1/4" tall from shoes to hat. 

Her arms and legs can move, they are jointed with silicone elastic.

I made her tiny dress out of cotton fabric with pink ribbon accents.

Her hat was made out of paperclay as well as her body and they're both painted with acrylic paint.

Alina is adorable in person, her facial expression is soooo sweet.

She's available for purchase on my Etsy store.

 SOLD OUT  Thank you!