Alexandra is Looking so Beautiful!

Teeny Tinny Carved Wooden Doll in Process

Wood head 1 

Wooden head 2 copy 

I have fallen in love again with a craft that I haven't practiced for years and years: wood carving.

I so clearly remember making my very first wood carving when I was 12 years old. I was already enrolled in art school and desperate to learn anything new. Using a little primitive knife and a small piece of wood I carved a wolf head. It was hard to go to bed at night because all I wanted was to finish the miniature head. Once finished it turned into a pendant. I wish that I still had it! 

After that first carving experience I became a "master" :o of pencil carving. Each single pencil that I used had a tiny carved head on top of it. So, the other day I suddenly remembered my earlier wood carving experience and specially the frustration of not having a decent knife for my projects. I think that was the reason why I stopped doing it. My poor little fingers had enough carving accidents.

The other day I started researching and gathering everything needed to start carving again. But this time, I decided to learn the right techniques first and understand this craft as much as possible. I fully read the book below. If you're new to carving and want to experience this craft, that book is all you need to start up.

 The Complete Book of Wood Carving: Everything you Need to Know to Master the Craft.

And of course, my first piece is a chiquitica dolly :)

In the photos you can see the head, I haven't carved the lips yet but I wanted to show you how she's looking. This tiny head is hollow because I am planning to make a ball-jointed-doll so all the parts should be hollow. I can't even tell you how much fun I am having. I feel like 12 years old again. My fine motor skills have improved in the last 27 years which is great because now I can control my hand better and get the exact result that I want.

I realize that wood carving is a lot like papercutting. You need to have patience and enjoy each cut. In the end is so rewarding to see the final result! 

Elsita :)